Building Fund Appeal

Outside, facing the front of the building
Inside, facing the front of the building
Inside, facing the back of the building

International Prayer Palace Church is in the process of acquiring our own church premises. We welcome any financial support in the form of gifts and donations that will help to cover the purchase price (£700,000) and extra cost of interior renovations (£100,000).

This building will give more than a Sanctuary and a Sermon, it will enable IPPC to operate all our life changing activities and services from ONE location (plrase see our contacts page for our various locations). From here we will serve God by continueing to serve the community giving care and support to the homeless, providing milk and food to the Coneygear and cooking hot breakfast for them quarterly, giving care and support and counselling to inmates getting ready to fit back into society, serving Christmas lunch and dinner to senior citizens and those without families in the community, organizing youth and kids club events and summer community events, ministering to the sick at the Hinchinbrook hopital, caring for vulnerable women, the abused and those going through divorce, caring for the working class who are stressed and wornout at work, and being there for those who just turn up at our offices needing someone to talk to or needing support to be pointed to the right direction. WE ARE A VIBRANT PROGRESSIVE CHURCH, CHANGING LIVES ONE BY ONE, ONE DAY AT A TIME, MAKING IMPACT IN SOCIETY.
The Prayer Palace Church has always been 'MORE THAN' a church, we are the hands feet and voice of God, a cultural diversity and social organization bringing education awareness and Godliness to empower those who need it. Your donation will enable us to do more. Please visit our church life pages to see some photos.GOD LOVES YOU AND GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER...THANK YOU IN ANTICIPATION FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GENEROSITY.
When you donate, we will immediately send you, as a sign of our sincere appreciation, your very personal thank you pack containing your customized T Shirt, pen and notepad and many other souvenirs; afterwards you will receive updated reports on total donations and progress on the purchase and then in the near future and at your request, we will send you an extract of the charity's annual accounting report stating total donations including yours.
Find out more about Unit A Lakeside The architectural drawings of the interior will be loaded soon so you can have an exact picture of all that your doantion will do. Thank you.