IPPC invites you to celebrate Christmas with our Community Christmas Card

Autumn Revival 2019

Autumn Revival

Join us for Autumn revival this season as we prophetically decree that…

We pronounce that every aspect of your life begin to arise and shine in the name of Jesus, amen!
We crown the victory of Jesus in 2019 as we celebrate the Spring revival with a night vigil to embrace the favour and mercies of God for us in 2019
It is your season of harvest and abundance, don't miss it!

This is your year of divine inheritance re-assignment

Discipleship Bible School

Carry our Cross Daily

This school is designed for those who want to know God, experience the power of His resurrection and fellowship in His suffering. Registration is still open, please contact the church office for more details. If you are already registered and want to login in to the school website, please click here

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